DeFi may be the biggest opportunity for the next decade. To meet the next financial era, connect the DeFi world and enrich RADR DeFi ecosystem, RADR lab will build DeFi project incubators, invest and support third-party startups for DeFi exploration and development.

DeFi bottom layer chain

As the infrastructure of DeFi strategy, the incubator will invest one or more new public chains, aiming for better performance, lower cost and faster output. This public chain can also connect to other public chains and provide basic support for asset transfer between them. These assets includes VBC, VRP, BTC, and ERC20(ETH, LINK,USDT, DAI, etc.)on Ethereum, XRP, BCH, LTC, ADA, DOT, XTZ, EOS, and so on. Bridging assets provides interlinked scenarios for multiple blockchain DeFi protocols and establishes a solid infrastructure for the future “Internet of Value.”

Most Popular DeFi Projects

Beyond the bottom layer chains, RADR incubator want to attract a range of DeFi projects which includes decentralized exchange, decentralized lending, synthetic assets, oracle machine, NFT, Farming and financial derivatives.

More Innovations

If your team have more innovative ideas, please contact RADR lab for incubation support.

Incubator apply

Just need to send an E-mail to for incubation application (mail title starts with ‘DEFI Incubator’) with information such as project name, website, introduction, contact, type, valuation and expected fundraising. The lab will screen projects based on products, ecosystem value, team, outlook, among other things, and provide ecosystem support for the final winner. Read for details.

We will support all kinds of startup projects and teams,  especially those related to the design of original RADR ecosystem products.


DeFi’s growth has promoted the development of blockchain industry. With the progress of DeFi ecosystem, it is very likely to be the important part of blockchain 3.0. Helping people achieve a broader financial liberalization has always been the primary goal of RADR lab, leveraging the infrastructure and technology of DeFi industry to integrate RADR into the DeFi world and release infinite potentials of RADR community.

Go to new DeFi portal website: now!

RADR Lab DeFi Incubator
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