With the popularity of DeFi, more and more DApps are invented and used, such as swap and mortgage. These DApps do not require thresholds and provide users with a variety of different financial services. Among these DApps, swap has become an indispensable app, and users can freely trade their required assets on a decentralized exchange provided by swap.

Today, We introduce NovaSwap as the first DApp running on GeneChain. Meanwhile, Nova is the 2nd DeFi project supported by RADR Lab.

Novaswap is currently in test stage and will be launched soon. Token NOVA is the protocol token of this project. In order to reward the accounts staking on genechain in the early stage, 10% of the initial tokens will be issued by airdrop. Another 10% of the tokens are sold through pre-sale. Please follow the Announcements section to see further information.

Novaswap github project: https://github.com/novaswap/Novaswap

Novaswap whithpaper: https://github.com/novaswap/whitepaper/blob/master/nova.pdf

NOVA, the 2nd DeFi project
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