Since the release of DeFi Incubation Plan(, we have received many project applications. Projects that support the RADR ecosystem in the design and implementation are preferred for incubation opportunities.

As an infrastructure project, GeneChain( has become the first project supported by the incubator due to its outstanding performance, ecosystem compatibility and technical strength.

GeneChain aims to create a decentralized, efficient and secure public chain while taking into account the compatibility of the existing DeFi developer ecosystem. For more information, please visit the GeneChain website.

With the release of GeneChain’s testnet, we will release the next batch of support projects based on the testing conditions of the applied projects on the testnet. Furthermore, we welcome more entrepreneurial projects and teams to apply for incubation support and work together to build the RADR DeFi Ecosystem.

DeRa.Finance Releases 1st Ecosystem Project Testnet
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