DeFi enables users to enjoy financial services such as payment and lending without a centralized exchange. RADR recently rolled out the DeFi zone, allowing the vast number of users to try various products and services in this latest ecosystem.

First, the system enables VBC trading on DeFi, which is also known as WVBC/USDT transactions. More pairs will be launched later, such as ETH/DAI, ETH/USDC, UNI/ETH and so on.

Through DeFi trading, users can freely trade and participate in more financial services without RADR exchange.

Top 4 things you need to know:

1.  What is defi?

2.  VBC/WVBC Swap

3.  Uniswap

4.  MetaMask

VBC’s token on uniswap, WVBC, has already started trading. Users can trade VBC-USDT through uniswap ( or the newly released defi page: .

A screenshot of trading in the Trade Wallet is shown in the figure above. The whole page is divided into 5 parts.

  1. Basic information of VBC/USDT pair, including total liquidity, price, liquidity and price
    curve, and trading history.
  2. After MetaMask wallet is connected, this part will show the ETH address position under
    Metamask, including total liquidity value, transaction fees, and the total amount and cost of transactions via swap. There are “Add” and “Remove” buttons in this part, which can be used to increase or decrease liquidity.
  3. This part is for placing orders, and you can buy or sell here. When the price shown on the left deviates from the exchange price, you can make arbitrage trades through buying and selling.
  4. This part shows the trading history of the current ETH address.
  5. MetaMask Wallet Balance is shown on the right. If users log in to the wallet, they can use buttons behind WVBC/USDT to transfer VBC/USDT from the exchange to the ETH address of the MetaMask wallet for trading.

DeFi Trading
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