We are launching the new OTC service to enhance the liquidity.

1. Open merchant registration for the users who has passed real-name authentication, bond the phone and paid 1000 VBC as margin. The customer service will review all applications immediately.

2. Merchants can click ”Again” to complete the transaction when the user buys the order and the payment is overdue, or apply for “Continue” (this application will cause the account balance to be locked without anyone’s consent to prevent loss)when the user sells the order and the order is overdue. If the user agrees to continue the transaction, the order will be updated to be paid. The user can also choose to appeal and the order will be updated to be “Appeal”. The customer service will process it by the customer service.

3. The merchant account can apply cancelling, but can’t be restored within 30 days. The system will return the deposit and cancel its status after reviewing.

OTC service launched
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