The voting system is based on RTXP protocol, and the whole voting processes is recorded and stored into the traceability blockchain, thereby encouraging transparency, and non-tampering and anti-forgery.

RADR Lab will publish the poll or predictive proposals time to time, and the users holding VBC can participate in voting in the RADR platform.

How to vote? Participating in voting is very simple. Hold your VBC and click on the support option for the polling of interest (you can change or abandon voting at any time before the polling ends).

How are the voting results calculated? The support rating for the option depends on VBC holdings of the users who voted for this option on the day. The system will settle the rating every day until the end of the polling.

At present, there is only one polling in the system at the same time, and the new voting will be opened after the current topic ends. The specific description of polling and voting options can be found on the wiki or news.

RADR Lab will making corresponding adjustments with significant support of certain topic after vote counting.

On-chain referendum vote launched
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