“Making finance easier and making transfers as convenient as sending emails” has always been the goal pursued by RADR. Recently, RADR has begun to upgrade from the RTXP to the SMTP and IMAP which are the most widely used email systems in the world. The mailbox is directly used as a wallet, which means that users can view and manage their assets and currencies in their mailbox instead of entering RADR system. MoneyMail lets the transfer be an email.

At present, RADAR has launched the first version of “MoneyMail”—“Mailbox receiving”: On RADR’s “transfer” page, the recipient address can be any email address (with no need to have a registered mailbox with RADR ). The recipient’s mailbox will receive a confirmation email. Once confirmed, the transfer is successful. If the recipient does not confirm the payment within 7 days, the transferred amount is automatically transferred back to the sender’s account . This flexible function of “Mailbox receiving” will greatly facilitate the transfer between RADR users to non-RADR users. As long as you know the recipient’s email address, you can send any amount, and the relationship in RADR will be established at the same time.

The second version of the “MoneyMail” that will be launched soon includes: “mailbox currency management” and “mailbox transfer”. At that time, users will be able to view assets and transfer funds directly in their personal mailbox wallets without logging into RADR. By then, any user with a mailbox around the world can use RADR’s MoneyMail to manage their assets more conveniently.

“MoneyMail” has gone online
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