Since its launch in 2014, the RADR system has been well-received and favoured by an extensive number of users, and has become the pioneer of global blockchain based on big data technology.

In 2019, RADR will fully promote its ecosystem, strengthen the construction and maintenance of the RADR community, and collaborate with top-class eco-community developers to deliver more products, including mobile wallets, SNS, games, intelligent services, etc. This will transform the RADR system into a comprehensive platform in the blockchain field.

As a blockchain pioneer, RADR has gone through the entire development process in the industry. During this process, it constantly learned from experience, perfected itself, and discovered new growth and breakthrough points. After several years of rapid development, the blockchain industry has gradually identified the services and products that can create optimal value for users. In 2019, these winning products will initiate a qualitative leap for the entire industry. RADR will closely follow this trend and provide our users with state of the art services across the board.


RADR Annual Plan for 2019

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