RADR App Beta0.1, the official mobile wallet and social application of Radar Lab, will be tested online today! ( https://www.radr.im/index-en.html )

You can validate and log into RADR App with your mobile number. Each mobile number can sign up a RADR App account and each account can manage multiple RADR web wallets, that is, users can manage multiple radar wallet accounts and enjoy a more secure and convenient user experience.

In Beta0.1, we invite users who have linked their phone numbers to RADR web wallet to test and experience RADR App with us. Using your linked phone number to validate and log in RADR App and managing all your RADR wallet accounts linked to the phone.

Please email your questions and advises to s@radr.im. Your participation will be highly appreciated!

RADR App Beta0.1 online test
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