The retailer version of the RADAR App has already gone live, retailers who support Radar Pay can register as the radar retailer on their mobile phones.

  1. Download and install Radar App (
  2. Upload retailer related materials for review;
  3. Set the return rate of retailer consumption points.

RADAR App will enable map position and retailer list to help users to find radar retailers, making Radar Pay more active. Also, RADAR App has launched “Bonus for Consumption Points ” activities and its rules are as follows:

1.Points from Consumption
Users can use Radar App to consume at radar alliance retailers to earn consumption points; the point proportion is set by retailers; suppose the proportion is 20%, the user spends 100VBC and earns 20 points, the retailer can get 80VBC while the 20VBC will be stored in Consumption Wallet Group set by the system; VBC generated by daily radar issue in Consumption Wallet Group will be stored in bonus pool for points rewards.

2.Rewards from Accumulated Points
The system will distribute rewards once a day according to the ranking of user points. Starting with the No. 1, each user can get 100VBC until the bonus pool is running out of VBC on that day. At the same time, the points of the winning users will be cleared and the accumulation will restart; for instance, there are 520VBC in the bonus pool today, the top 5 users can get 100VBC for each. The remaining 20VBC will be accumulated to the bonus pool of tomorrow and the points of winning users are cleared.

Consumption Wallet Group increases as the retailers and consumptions go up, and the number of the daily issue (i.e. bonus) also increases, further stimulating user consumption and driving retailers to participate. Consequently, it will form a virtuous circle, making the radar ecosystem more and more active!

Radar Retailer Plan
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