1. Further optimization for the core system of RADR, making it faster and stronger!
  2. Currencies classification management becomes more clear:
    a. Native RADR currencies (VBC & VRP);
    b. Fiat money (USD, EUR, CNY, etc.);
    c. Main stream digital currencies (BTC & ETH);
    d. Innovative currencies (those creative and expected to be the next phenomenal ones)
  3. Transaction module expansion:
    Native currency transaction, main stream currency transaction, innovative currency transaction, fiat money transaction and customized currency transaction.
  4. Gateway upgraded
    RADR system prefers fiat money gateway, helps user filter quality gateway and facilitates gateways to provide more convenient services. At present, the default gateway of fiat money has already provided customer services, ensuring that users can contact with them and process top-up and withdraw matters concerned at any time.
  5. OTC service sharing user’s value
    OTC module in RADR platform allows each user to get the chance to share the power of distributed finance.
  6. Finally, of course, we have a cool new dress! Try it…

Discovering New RADR
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