In 2017, the blockchain industry ushers in a spurt of development, and the most representative is the BTC price, rose to 7,200 USD, from 1,000 USD at the beginning of the year. With the BTC price up, the entire developer communities, miners, users and investors have debated on BTC directions.



The original block size cannot meet the diversified needs of users because of increasing BTC participants, hard fork solution and soft fork solution appears successively, Bitcoin Cash(BCC or BCH)emerges after the implementation of BIP91. BCC, called Bitcoin Cash, is a new encryption digital asset launched by VicBTC mining pool based on Bitcoin ABC scheme, and might be considered as a fork coin or competitive coin. Here to mention the disputed Segwit, a breakthrough innovation which meets the needs of expansion by transferring the secondary information into new data structure to expand the block size to more than 1M, thus solves the problem of BTC transaction expansibility. A couple of months ago, Segwit had been activated in Litecoin which is similar in BTC structure, thereby proves the feasibility of this method. However, many big block developers think that it cannot be regarded as the real BTC, because add Segwit in the underlying protocol of BTC against the original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Accordingly, BCC developers delete segwit protocol on the basis of core version code, expand the block to 8M and add the emergency adjusting of difficulty in case the hash rate is insufficient. There are some problems during the BCC operation, the hash rate is very unstable because of the emergency adjusting of difficulty mechanism, and sometimes the transaction needs one or two day’s confirmation. Therefore, it dubbed two-day vacation blockchain.


BCC split off from Bitcoin original blockchain proved that activated the Segwit2X is not the end of expansion dispute, but the beginning of Bitcoin splitting.


The dispute between core groups and miner groups has reached a fevered pitch after activating Segwit2X, but the prospect is still complicated because the chief signatory stopped the hard fork in the middle of this month. BTC、BCC and S2X co-exist is a high probability event whether Segwit2X succeeds or not. Besides the emerging BTG, which chain will be Bitcoin original blockchain and which chain will be competitive coin, remains to be seen.


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Debating on BTC directions

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