RADR Has Become The Largest Block Chain In The World


RADR is a ripple-protocol-based (RTXP) financial network to promote and develop the fastest and less expensive payment settlements system and exchange system on a global scale. After 2-year rapid development, RADR has left Ripple, an example RADR was learning from, far behind. RADR has won widely user support in the area of payment, transaction and forex business. A recent statistic data shows, the RADR account number has broken through 4 million – dozens of times larger than Ripple! The transaction data of RADR (700G) has also been ten times larger than Bitcoin(66G).


The RADR chart (https://charts.radarlab.org/) indicates the total number of RADR account has been more than 4 million, which is equivalent that every Singapore citizen has a RADR account, or every two citizens has a RADR account in the city of Hong Kong, New York or London.


The data from Ledger List (https://info.radarlab.org/ledger_list.html) presents there have been more than 5 million blocks in the network. In addition, the transaction of RADR is very frequent, each block Ledger has 200 to 300 transactions occurred during active periods. The whole RADR network has more than 10 million transactions, and each transaction has 0.5-1KB data. According to this, RADR network has accumulated hundreds gigabyte raw data approximately.


It took 8 years for Bitcoin to accumulate 66G data (https://blockchain.info/charts/blocks-size), while for the same size of data, RADR only needs 1 week. There are three reasons may explain why RADR achieved so large amount of data within a relatively short of time. First, RADR supports various transaction type, such as Payment, Offer, ActiveAccount, while Bitcoin can only support Payment transactions. Secondly, RADR network supports much higher throughput than Bitcoin, and also support various applications on top of it. Thirdly, with the optimization of Ripple bottleneck, the RADR network has improved RTXP protocol, Consensus Algorithm and large data processing capacity to a new level.


There were two barriers in terms of performance for the block chain to deal with finance business. One is decentralization, mostly present in the efficiency of Consensus Algorithm. The other is the efficiency of big data storage in a distributed system. Bitcoin utilizes a complete decentralized mechanism, which passes unsupported transactions to a third party. In this way, Bitcoin keep its network data very small ( 66G in 8 years). Other block chain system optimized the efficiency, but none of them had a proven solution when facing big data. Now, RADR, the world largest block chain system, has proven practically that all these problems are solved, and RADR can provide dependable support for financial applications.


Only 2 years, RADR has become the largest block chain system in the world without any single transaction error. This a great success, not only technically but also practically. RADR will continuously provide faultless, safe and dependable service to all customs.

The Largest Block Chain In The World
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