Radar Lab has made a security upgrade of Radar Wallet on March 2, 2016, mainly against the frequent hacking incident recently.
We strongly recommend binding phone numbers with user accounts.


Major updates:

  • Under a wide range of IP changes, a dynamic code or transaction password is needed when login.
  • New users are supposed to set transaction password (cannot be the same with login password) when register.
  • Transaction password is needed to bind or replace account phone number.
  • Dynamic code is needed (when enabled) to reset transaction password.
  • Transaction password is needed to reset Google verification code.
  • Dynamic code is needed to make transfers or withdrawals (users are supposed to enable Google verification or make phone number binding).

Radar Lab recommend users to make phone number binding or enable dynamic code promptly for a stronger account security against unnecessary loss of assets.

RADR is committed to providing the most convenient payment, foreign exchange and other financial services to customers via Internet. Moreover, RADR and is gradually improving its operations to create an easy and seamless transactions accessible to anyone.


Radar Lab has completed security upgrade of Radar Wallet

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