Dear RADR users:
As an open source payment system and a decentralized crypto-currency, RADR system and RADR native currency can be used by any person or entity freely as payment tools even without permission by Radar Lab. Therefore, Radar Lab has no right to support or restrain the proper use of RADR system.

With the increasing popularity of RADR system, there are various projects in the market using RADR as the payment system, including some financial projects and “MMM” mutual-support projects, which have no cooperation or relation with Radar Lab. Users who intend to participate or invest in these projects are supposed to evaluate the risk sensibly on their own. Radar Lab has no right or obligation to make guarantee or endorsement for projects using RADR as payment system.

RADR is committed to providing the most convenient payment, foreign exchange and other financial services to customers via Internet. Moreover, RADR and is gradually improving its operations to create an easy and seamless transactions accessible to anyone.


Statement of RADR system

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