In order to enlarge the financial liquidity of RADR network and increase the core value of RADR system, the RADR system will introduce new product recently: equity-based crowd-funding.

Equity-based crowd-funding is an investment form rapidly developed at America, China, Israel and other countries since the last year. Company transfers a certain ratio of share and collects funds from ordinary investors through internet; investors obtain the future earnings through contribution in terms of shares.

The crowd-funding transaction system introduced by the RADR system is characterized in “tradable crowd-funding”. Like share option, the project can preset the immediate resale ratio of purchasing the project stock right and unit lockup period before selling, the resell ratio and non-resell ratio after the expiration of the lockup period (until the quit of this project). All vested resell share can be directly listed, bought or sold in the sub-product of “crowdfunding” in the RADR system. Through the characteristic function, the stock right contributed by the investors can be resold at a certain cycle, thereby realizing the liquidity of value assets.

In the RADR system, the crowd-funding transaction is as simple as the currency exchange. Along with the release of the product, the first crowd-funding project SG is immediately released.


Radar is going to introduce a new function: equity-based crowd-funding
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