Being a professional asset trading platform, RadarLab has recently started the open beta test for its new offering: FastTrans for Crypto Currencies. (Link:


Our new fast transaction site now supports BTC and VBC transactions with more professional front view, easier order making and clearer data diagrams.

Note: VBC transactions are supported automatically.

When making BTC transactions, users are supposed to recharge CNY or BTC in the first place ( user’s  bitcoin recharging address is presented on gateway page) and it’s supported to withdraw CNY or BTC to a certain address.

After the test, the new FastTrans offering will be launched in Radr system as an independent module. Please stay informed with us!


 (Mobile web client is not supported yet for some complex functions. )


RADR is committed to providing the most convenient payment, foreign exchange and other financial services to customers via Internet. Moreover, RADR and is gradually improving its operations to create an easy and seamless transactions accessible to anyone.


New offering on professional bitcoin and VBC transaction

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