“Money Boss” is a new offering launched by radar system featuring p2p socializing, recharging, redeeming and making payments. It has opened up a whole new area for Radar and many other financial systems like “Uber” in the financial sector.

Every user can easily register to be a money boss and provide recharging, redemption and payment service for individuals and merchants.

1. The interface between radar system and fiats which was formerly exclusive to gateways now can be completed by money boss. Users now only need to make transfers to a money boss to conduct recharging and redemption. The mode of money boss achieved a p2p way of gateway recharging, and thus provided a solution for the threshold restriction (finance license and many other requirements)to set up radar gateways in many countries. Now with money boss, things are much better. Every money boss can work as a bank counter set for free were new mode implemented in banking system.

2. Radar payment will be able to include all the payment channels worldwide. All the payment method supported my money boss can be used for merchants. Therefore, radar payment theoretically accept every payment method in the world when money boss is sufficiently funded, which is to say when merchants use radar payments they actually support all payment channels worldwide including Alipay, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, different banks, digital currencies and even some minor payment channel and shopping points only if there is a corresponding money boss.

Flow chart of deposit

Flow chart of withdrawal


Radr Trends: “Money Boss” is ready
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