The free flow of value has long been the core idea of our trading platform and product design. In the past one year we have realized a more convenient and lower-cost real-time transactions between crypto currencies and fiats. Then we have been committed to making cross-currency transfers with higher efficiency and lower cost. Eventually, we launched our latest offering RADR-FX in which we will achieve the integration of important roles (Market Maker and Money Boss) in RADR network and bring about a P2P-mode cross-currency transfer.

Without expensive service charge in banks,a P2P-mode transfer takes the optimal exchange rate in the bid of market makers, leading to a much lower transaction cost compared to bank service. Meanwhile, it avoids delays in cross-border and cross-bank transfers and cuts the remittance completion time into several hours. As for the design of the product, we highlight simplicity and user-friendliness, contributing to our objective to provide the simplest cross-border transfer with lowest cost.

The business will be launched first in Philippines and Hong Kong, and then expand to the international markets like Southeast Asian countries, according to their compliance regulation.

It is firmly believed that RADR-FX will add to a greater value of radar network!



RADR is committed to providing the most convenient payment, foreign exchange and other financial services to customers via Internet. Moreover, RADR and is gradually improving its operations to create an easy and seamless transactions accessible to anyone.

Alpha test begins for our new offering “RADR-FX”

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